"Never knowingly be serious. Rule 27.” — Doctor Who
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December 07, 2023

Fiction: Being sarcastic with ghosts

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This month's Words for Wednesday prompts are provided by Wisewebwoman and is hosted at Elephant's Child's blog over here. This weeks prompts are: oysters, herringbone, puffin, needle, broom and/or hummus, crochet, locket, sprocket, market. I didn't use the second half of the words.

~ Part 1, Part 2 ~

Fiction: Being sarcastic with ghosts (Part 3)

"Charles! Grab her before she hit her head again!" Sawyer's voice was vivid in the sudden silence. Black reached out and wrapped a hand around Seventeen's waist and held on. They rotated along with the turn of the van. A loud crushing sound and the van stopped on its side with the doors swaying opened. He lowered the girl down on the floor. The unconscious woman strapped to the gurney was still breathing. The professor and the kid ghost were wisely outside. Black crawled toward the front of the van. At the wheel, Jackson was unconsciousness but still breathing.
    "He's fine. It's Seventeen you have to worry about. The first hit on her head probably didn't do her any good." Sawyer leaned over the girl.
    Black picked up the walky-talky receiver and relayed a message for an ambulance and the location.
    "Uh-oh! Charles!" Sawyer pointed at the girl who was running out of the opened doors of the van. "Catch her! She's possessed!"

December 03, 2023

Fiction: Living with ghosts

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This month's Words for Wednesday prompts are provided by Alex J. Cavanaugh which is hosted at Elephant's Child's blog over here. This weeks prompts are: cobwebs, tiger, japan, black, cobblestones, hurt and/or atlantis, pyromania, guacamole, energetic, slither and slice. I didn't use tiger, japan, atlantis, slither, slice.

First part over here.

Fiction: Living with ghosts
"You again!"
    The ghost pushed up his black-rimmed eyeglasses with a bended finger. "This is an emergency! My wife is dying! Quick! You have to go save her!"
    "No. I don't." Seventeen kept walking. It was after ten at night. If she didn't need to pick up her pills at the hospital, she wouldn't be out at all. A few people were about. If anyone noticed she was talking to the air, they didn't give any indications.
    "My wife is in trouble. Someone is trying to kill her." The pyromaniac danced around her.
    "Then call the police." The freezing wind struck her like slaps on her face but she just sank her head lower into the collar of her black coat and kept walking.
    "Look, I know I was... sort of rude yesterday but this is really an emergency!" The ghost stepped in front of her.
    She paused. "Stop bothering me." She walked around him and ran toward the bus stop.

December 01, 2023

November 2023 - A few brief thoughts

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wings & sunshine (revised 2023)
01 - I read a book! No, I didn't, I'm lying. The last book I read was in September but a two month 'no reading' gap is not a terrible thing, right? I only touched my kindle ereader to charge it because for some odd reason, it turned itself on and ran the battery down (there is no off button or option to shut down but you can supposedly turn off the screen which can sort of conserve battery life). It might have been updating itself which it does if you keep the wifi on and when it does that, it doesn't turn the screen off. I actually think not having an off button is quite stupid but apparently no device maker wants you turn off their devices because there is no off button on any devices.

02 - November was an unforgettable month. How can one forget when a cockroach jumped on your head and freaked you out? I'm a total scaredy cat so when that happened, I was in a horrible mood (also slightly weary and angry) for days. Of course in my fright, I squashed the bastard - what else are you to do in such situation? Do you try to kick it out of your home? Make friends with it? Coincidently I was writing a story with the word cockroach in it when it happened or was it not a coincident but a reminder not to write such things?

03 - I don't know why I bother posting these monthly updates/briefs. When I started them, I had wanted to talk about the books I have read and the little things that happened to me but I live such a mundane life that #2 is really the most interesting thing that happened to me in November - that, and buying bed sheets. It's like the most mundane and yet frustrating thing to do since you have to decide on thread counts, types of material such as cotton or flannel cotton, the sizes such as full, twin, queen, the type of sheets such as fitted or flat, the pricing etc., etc, real exciting stuff to share with my fellow bloggers...

04 - I have created a page with links of all the fiction stories I have posted on this blog. Making this list reminds me of how many stories I have not completed. I don't know why but I keep starting on new stories and forget to finish the previous ones. Is it a bad habit or just how I write? (The link is below the header under 'writings'. Or go here if you're too lazy to click above.)

How was your November? I hope December is being good to you.