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November 23, 2022

Zip Thru Autumn 10 & 11

tree with a few leaves
For November 23- November 29, the suggested prompts are Happy Habits, Goal of your blog for remaining 2022. Happy habits? I don't know. I think what makes you happy don't necessarily becomes habits but it might and you don't know it.
    The remaining blog goal I have for 2022, well, I guess I should say, the only goal I ever have for my blog these days, is to just post at least once a week. That's the only goal I can achieve. I'm not very enthusiastic about blogging these days. I see my blog archive how little I have posted and I know that's due to my lack of enthusiasm for blogging though I keep writing posts and saving them.
    I find time just speed by while I get nothing done. Do people make goals so late in the year? Don't most people think the year is pretty much over and all that's left is celebrating the holidays and hoping nothing bad happens while you try to keep up with whatever you have to do? That pretty much describes my last two months of the year.

For November 30- December 6, the suggested prompts are Fortitude, Easy tips. Fortitude sounds like an odd word to me. I've never used in my writing or anything. I have gone through hard times like everyone else and come out pretty much in decent shape but when I thought about some of the things I had gone through, I have no idea how I managed to get through them. I guess that's fortitude? We don't know what we can do until we're tested.
    Easy tips? I often try to find easy ways to do things so it's probably why I don't know how to do anything. I guess my brain is a bit like a basket with holes because I cannot always retain the things I have read or learned. This might mean I don't have the fortitude to do many things but I certainly try often enough. I am willing to do the work if necessary but sometimes I simply want the easy way.

How about you? Got any happy habits or goals (life or blogging) for the remaining 2022? If you have any easy tips (for life or anything), please share them.

November 15, 2022

What the heck reading moments

Top Ten Tuesday
This week's Top Ten Tuesday is Favorite “Aww” Moments In Books (those sweet/cute moments in books that give you warm fuzzies) but I'm going to list something that is slightly the opposite — what the heck moments. Some of these things are really preferences as a reader and nothing more. For more Top Ten Tuesday, visit That Artsy Reader Girl here.

01 - When you realized you're reading a really bad book but you continue to read it anyway because for some strange reason, you thought it might still get better — I've done this a lot because if you're 50% in, it seem a shame to not finish it. Though it rarely gets better.

02 - When the character you thought was the most interesting one in the entire book gets kill off — I have read a couple of books where the one character that I thought was the most interesting of all the characters but then they get killed leaving behind the boring characters to carry on the story. Of course if you start with a boring character, I suppose one should expect that boring character not to die but they didn't get less boring so...

03 - When you're reading a final book in a series and the moment you thought was going to end the series didn't come — I think it's ridiculous to continue a series when it was clearly written (at least to me) that that series was meant to end right there in that book. It annoys me more when the reason for the delay is something utterly stupid or simply a delay or when they just repeat what had happened previously just so the characters are back where they started.

04 - When the truth of something that is so damm important to a character should be coming out but it didn't — So we live in an age of people wanting instant gratification but book readers would still plow through a 1,000 pages to get to the good stuff, it definitely would cause a lot of annoyance if they delay something that we are promised.

05 - When you're reading a murder mystery and they finally reveal the reason behind the murder and it turns out to be something lame — Let's just say disappointment is not the quite the word for that feeling. Maybe the incredulous reason is just too incredulous that I rather not know why they did it.

06 - When you read a 1,000 page book and nothing happened — So maybe things do happen but they are not important or significant enough unless you think such things as a character making coffee and drinking it as important, than sure, things happen. I think some of the books I read really didn't need to be so long. You can tell some things are fluff or fillers just to make a book or even a book series longer.

07 - When a villain that is supposed to be dead comes back not dead — Maybe this would be a welcome thing when it's the good guy but somehow when it is a villain, it's not at all good and fuzzy, it's more like: What the hell? Wasn't he killed? Who resurrected the jackass?

08 - When you read a book and you thought you understood what you read but then realized you didn't understand anything at all — A reader interprets books so maybe what makes sense to others will not make sense to me and verse versa but I just think some books simply do not make sense to me at least.

09 - When you read a book that you thought was a standalone but it turned out it was part of a series — I'm not saying I get that annoyed by this but if a book is part of a series and there are no indication anywhere, one just would get annoy if they don't get a complete story unless they read five or six more books.

10 - When you read the last page of a book series and realized it was the worst book to end a series — I love/hate book series mostly because of this. I read a lot of great first or second, middle books but the last book always seems to suffer from something. It's hard to end a series but sometimes I think authors or publishers just don't seem to be trying all that hard.

What dumb or incredulous moment have you had in your reading experience?

November 07, 2022

Zip Thru Autumn 8 & 9

tree with falling leaves
For November 9- November 15, the suggested prompts are Lesson and Know where I've been. I guess like most of us, I do learn my lessons but mostly I find not really. I can't always remember the mistakes I made so I make them again and then correct it.
    Know where I've been? I've haven't been anywhere or if I did, I don't remember so does this means I don't know where I've been?

For November 16 - November 22, the suggested prompts are Joy, Job in blogging and Ideas. I find joy just thinking up things to post on my blog. I don't think of blogging as a job although if someone wants to pay me to blog about whatever I want, then I'll accept. Blogging is not easy and yet, if you enjoy it, it's sort of easy, that is, if you're not pulling your hair out because your blog or something related to your blog is suddenly not working.
    I don't have any ideas today but yesterday, I did wonder why every good idea I have for a post just zoomed out of my head. I write tons of drafts but most of them remain as drafts because I don't really want to use them or I just forget about them.
Where do you find joy? If you can blog for a living, would you?